please be noticed this firmware is for mini0903 and mini0905, it will not work for 0903-lite, 0905-lite, Q-lite, 0903Plus, 0905Plus.

1, solved the 720P60 brightness problem,
2, added GPS test mode (power on camera with OK button or hold mode button when recording
3, correct the button defination problem
update on Apr.20:
4, correct the time zone mistake (3 hours less than nromal in west time zone) ----corrected on Apr.25


UPDATE LOG:1, optimize the playback UI and logic
2, added Parking Guard icon to show the status
3, optimize the Parking Guard logic
4, added CANCEL option in setting items for easier operation
5, added WiFi 3 minutes auto OFF if WiFi is not used
6, extend the show up time to 2 seconds for warning characters
7, limit the loop time of CONTINUE to 20 minutes to avoid file size over 4GB

download link:
update log:
1, added 20M video bit rate to this firmware; that is shown in resolution as "1920x1080 30P 16:9 BOOST"; in this model you can't use WiFi as WiFi will consure some system resource which will effect stability.
2, please be noticed you need a high quality branded storage card for the BOOST mode recording, and the card life time will be shorten under the flood data stream.
3, don't use the BOOST mode if you set the camera in Parking Guard mode with a Parking Guard hardwire kit.
4, revise the codes for temperature display.
5, revise for recordng stability.

If you find some bugs on the 20M BOOST recording, please report your problem with card model to, we will try to recur here. Thanks.

download: 20160825.7z
1, add temperature protection
2, add PCBA temperature stamp on screen for monitoring
3, revise the parking guard function when WiFi ON
4, disable buttons when WiFi connected

update log:
1, improved exposure and white balance,
2, revise the incorrect GPS information stamping
3, revise the auto screen off delay
4, revise a time zone problem
5, set HDR status along with last shut down
6, updated player information
7, auto delete firmware.bin after upgrade

1, add HDR switch in menu;
2, fixed LED indicator for GPS status;
3, fixed motion detection icon problem when operating with FinalCam;
4, fixed take photo function when operating with FinalCam;
5, change power off delay to 1 second, to avoid power off problem if bad power connection

1, active buzzer alert for LDWS
2, add speed limit >30km/h for LDWS

download here:
dear users,
sorry for keep you waiting.
we have prepared the new cameras for you, will be released in this week.
at the same time, the Parking Guard Hardwire kit was released.
for the users who helped us on the call back issue, we will send a parking guard hardwire kit at the same time as a present.
Thanks for your patience.
If you have any more questions or suggestion, please let we know.
best regards,
1, fixed some translation mistake
2, fixed LDWS problem
3, reworked 64GB card support

download here: