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02/10/2016 1:46am

Dashcamscentral Australia has just added the Nano Q to our range.

Mini 0903 also known as the Mini Nano Q or just Nano Q has just joined the Mini Series as the next generation of Mini Series dash cams. Now fitted with a super capacitor rather than a Lithium ion battery.
Mini 0903 now with a super capacitor is ideal for Australia’s harsh climate. Super capacitors are far more reliable and less prone to heat stress which in harsh climates like Australia can shorten the life of dash cams fitted with an internal Li-Ion battery.
Nano Q now also employs the Sony IMX332 image sensor, well known for its high quality night video reproduction as well as very solid day video image quality and also used in many other market leading dash cameras. Nano Q also now incorporates a new 7G glass lens which should lead to even further improvements in image quality over some of the older models.
Mini 0903 is also now the smallest dash cam in the Mini Series range and one of the smallest dash cams in the market today. Nano Q in name and nano in size it is an excellent choice for buyers who want their dash cam to be discreet or much prefer the stealth approach.
Another innovation exclusive to the Mini 0903 is all new centrally mounted system which is compatible with Gopro Mounts adding another level of versatility the way the dash cam can be installed.
Nano Q is also one of the very few dash cams has both a screen and Wi Fi compatibility. Why both? Being so tiny and using a small 1.5 Inch screen some users would prefer the option of live view video via their smart phone but also allow the ease of use of being able to quickly view video back via the dash cam itself. It offers the user the option of both worlds.
Key features of the Nano Q
Very small size
Super Capacitor for heat stress durability
Sony IMX322 image sensor for superior night vision
Wi Fi Host compatible with IOS and Android
GPS Logger
GoPro compatible central mounting system
7G F1.7 Glass lens

Mini 0903 is now the only Mini Series camera in the range that hosts a super capacitor, Sony Image sensor and Wi-Fi. Add with its micro size for stealth mounting, GPS and optional CPL filter, in our opinion this is the best Mini Series dash cam available. Also for under $200 AU we think this is one of the best value dash cams on the market and definitely one of the best value cameras in our range.

Leslie Buxton
06/20/2016 2:58pm

Does anyone know where the serial number is located?

07/15/2017 10:44pm

I think there's something wrong here in your post. Maybe you just forgot to include your main post here in this specific article. Well, I don't blame you for that. It's actually normal for a beginner blogger like you. Just be careful next time and always make sure that everything's in place before publishing an article. That's all. I hope you learn a thing or two about basic blogging.

07/27/2016 6:26pm

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Tony A
08/09/2016 7:12pm

Unit is a really nice design, nice clear images, lots to like about it but I'm finding the GPS is total garbage and goes through whole journeys without ever getting a GPS lock, that is disappointing.

12/03/2016 5:53pm

I've been using this for about a month, it's hardwired to my car's fuse box and works normally but it doesn't keep the current time. I have updated the firmware. What else can I do to fix this?

04/20/2017 1:05pm

I have this camera for 5 month now its working pretty ok but some times wont read the sd card (I got 32gb Sandisk HCI cl4) and today I tried to update the firmware (my camera has firmware 0903PLUS20161114v1.0M05 version) I tried every version avalible on update page and it was unsuccessful each time I powered the camera and chose update the firmware "yes" next it imidietly shows "Firmware update failed!" with next red line "processing..." and the button "NO". whats wrong with this camera?

01/10/2018 11:28am

Wi-Fi ??? are you kidding me-- I can sit 1 foot in my truck away from the dash cam and not connect with an Iphone 7plus--partially due to final cam--the app they mention on the last page--doesn't even pull up the camera--the 2nd app they mention in the small brochure says Youmera--what the crap is that---not listed on any app pages--just for the sake of downloading the firmware--a complete and utterless joke!! said not accepted/failed--camera looks cool video down the road--need wifi/pull your pics remote--good luck--if you people know something I don't, please fill the millions of people in--nanodashcam.com is a joke--no customer service on all these issues

03/21/2016 3:49pm

I bought my NanoQ from Willgoo through Etronixmar at Amazon on Feb 28th. I had a bad GPS connected and was sent a new one. I love what this dashcam will become but still waiting for WDR to work and for bug fixes.
When will the WDR be available?
Also,how do I know if my NanoQ is part of the recall?

03/21/2016 4:13pm

I see in the FIRMWARE-nanoQ-3.21 update that the WDR is turned on now. Nice

06/11/2016 5:27pm

Where did you find the update? I cannot get the link on the www.nanodashcam.com web site to link to a bin file.


Tim Patru
04/02/2016 8:16am

I just received my NanoQ from Eyoyo on Amazon. Quality during the day is acceptable, but nighttime quality is lacking. There are also about 6 pixels throughout the screen which are constantly lit up when recording at nighttime. Is this a known issue?

04/11/2016 7:04pm

currently installing the mini 0903. small issue I have noticed - one of the microusb connectors (to the right side) of the gps mount; when the usb cable in the car is connected, the permanent plastic tightening screw on the mount gets in the way of the now side mounted usb cable. the other usb connection can be used, but perhaps there should be a usb connector in the top of the mount so that the usb cable also does not have to come down from the roofline and then bend sideways. either way, the tightening screw could perhaps be miniaturised to get around this issue in later hardware revisions.

04/11/2016 7:25pm

initial impressions (build quality and setup);
- the cpu is light years ahead of the 0806 model, fast and ultra-responsive
- menus are easy to navigate, and most of the default settings appear best suited (eg, full vid resolution standard, gps as log only so that the time is auto set depending on time zone, most non-essential functions set to off)
- firmware is an easy process with the blinking light on startup when the firmware file is on the micro-usb card (from pc). even when connected to pc a reboot will initialise the firmware which is nice, then can remove the firmware file afterwards from the same pc connection.
- build quality is very good, there is no 'creaking' of the plastic like the 0806 model and the buttons are solid pressable with nice tactile harder rubber. excellent so far.
- my 0806 died (eventually the built-in battery dies), so have purchased the 0903 due to its 'capacitor' which should resolve that issue.

04/11/2016 9:42pm

performance feedback;
- the video and audio quality is good (at least during daylight testing)
- the one thing that needs refinement is the way the dashcam connects to the gps mount. due to the thin plastic i'm hesitant that it might break with force. also initially at least a little difficult to work out if it's successfully clicked into place (there seems to be a click now that I've connected it the second time).
- when removing the camera from the mount, the holding arm on the mount also moves\swings so a little difficult to just slide the dashcam out as the arm then swings up.
- this would be the only thing I would improve; the way the device connects to the mount. it needs to be strong enough but also very easy to detach. some sort of latch (there is a plastic end to press to release, but I don't want it to snap off) or locking mechanism may assist. otherwise perhaps metal or a strong magnet (if at all possible with the electronics).
- otherwise I am satisfied so far with the 0903, appears much better than the 0806.

04/11/2016 9:56pm

- with the latest firmware (3.21.2016), WDR is now available, but by default this is set to off. perhaps default to on if it is always beneficial?
- for those wondering how to access the device menu, first press the middle button on the right (I think this takes a pic and stops recording), then hold the top right button (this only works once recording stops). hold down the right button again to exit the menu.
- also, for new owners, if you're transferring in an existing micro-usb card - go into the menu and format the card so that you get complete compatibility with the device (correct format). then update the firmware from this site; copy the firmware.bin file to the micro-usb card, turn device off then on even when still connected to pc, it will have a series of led flashes then bootup, choose mass connection to connect again to pc, delete the firmware.bin file from your pc (otherwise it will firmware update every bootup).

04/15/2016 6:38pm

after reviewing footage from a few days use;

- video quality (at the highest default setting) is good. WDR (wide dynamic range) also does appear to improve content in high and low daylight (so perhaps set this on as default in next firmware). nighttime number-plates caught in my LED high beams are too reflective to read (but this is the case with most dash cams). I thought sometimes the wider angle on the lens (off to the side) was a little out of focus, but it's marginal (perhaps a software improvement) or perhaps it's my windscreen (i've placed the cam a little off centre) need others feedback.
- sound is good, but in reviewing my footage sometimes the audio is no active on the mov file (even though the properties say it's there). so perhaps one out of every few drives the audio isn't there at all. it's per 'drive' and not per file, so one journey sound is fine for each file, but on another the sound didn't work for each of those files.

otherwise I am happy with this dashcam and the quality is good. very fiddly to get the device detached off the gps mount; that is the one hardware improvement I would definitely make - but for anyone wondering it's fine from a usability point of view (there is no shaking in the footage). otherwise, solid improvement on the old 0806, and theoretically no device fail battery issues as the 0903 has now got a capacitor instead. I also like the improved hot weather specification this can reportedly achieve so hopefully it should last.

Emanuel F
04/24/2016 12:32am

Hi everybody, I'm having problems with the video files. Some of them are corrupted and i just cannot recover them. Any solution?

04/28/2016 11:14pm

How does one access the GPS player?
The speed just stays at 0 kph. Why?
The GPS indicator doesn't flash blue. Even though it has been changed in menu.

06/01/2016 2:28am

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07/06/2016 4:24pm

I click on the update firmware and only get a .TXT file. Am I supposed to convert this to a .bin file? How?

tony a
08/09/2016 7:19pm

Simply right click on the link and select "save as" then open the fie which is compressed in 7z format, upack to hard drive and copy (.bin) to the root of the SD card on the device. The firmware should start to install on power up.. see manual for details


Do you want me to write a review? I don't get it.

08/01/2016 11:11pm

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08/14/2016 2:29am

Just installed camera, having an issue, camera locks up within a second of startup.Video starts and then freezes, still picture and nothing works except power off and on, I have left it on while using the car for a few days and nothing changes. Have tried Restore Defaults numerous times. Has anyone had this issue and knows what I can do?

Terry Brennan
08/30/2016 9:17pm

your updates on the website don't work. Link takes me to text which is encrypted not the download??? Also GPS NOT WORKING as a result the speed stamp and gps stamp don't work.

09/30/2016 7:25pm

The instructions assume you are a tech geek. Took me a lot of work to figure it out. The updates on the website are a compressed 7z file format. You have to download them to your computer and then uncompress or extract them to your choice of location on your computer. The process for Mac is different than Windows. Do a google to get your specific instructions. Either way once the extract/uncompress is done you should have a firmware.bin file available that you can then copy onto your sd micro card.

09/01/2016 5:58am

"Hello! How to buy for this products (nanoq) accessories (CPL filter). And I like one more mount (gps or compatible). Thank you!"

09/05/2016 1:15pm

Hello ! Bought the NanoQ mini a few days ago from GearBest.com. Quite disappointed:
- GPS will not lock due to high interference of the camera. Even my phone is loosing GPS reception when in proximity of the camera.
- In the night time the image is full of noise (grainy pixels and lines)
- Camera is getting frozen sometimes. You have to reboot to have it running again.
- The time zone settings are wrong.
- The WiFi is veeeery slow. Downloading a movie to your phone will take ages, when it works, which makes it useless.
- Some other software bugs...
- I would have expected to have at least the CPL filter delivered with the camera (it's not too late).

This camera has some false advertising !

Is there at least any way to fix the camera interference to the GPS receiver ? A how to guide with some technical details would be appreciated.

All the best !

12/28/2016 4:13am

This is exactly the problems I have. The firmware is not delivering the specifications that it should..

Please fix these software problems.

Ray Winward
09/08/2016 8:54pm

I just got the camera and in about 20 mins of using it the display screen is all white out can not make out any thing with a reboot, I do the loading screen and the camera for about 2 seconds than just white. I'm wandering if there is a setting for setting for the contrast on the screen. I do not see it in the manual. Also from the GPS Logger the two microUSB I can not seem to get any power going to the camera and any connection, and the GPS might not be working any ideas.


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09/22/2016 1:56am

Hi dear!
With new FIRMWARE 20160825.7z , i have some trouble with gps starting. It start work from 15 min to several hours after standby... What is the trouble with GPS ?


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10/30/2016 2:24pm

Hi all, I have a problem with the gps unit getting a "fix", it sometimes takes up to 15 minutes before the GPS starts to work. I have the latest firmware v.20160825. I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same issue or if someone can let me know of a fix please.

02/22/2017 1:46am

I've had my unit working for about a week and now it won't lock on to a satellite and its very annoying as it was brilliant and much better than my old 0803 which only lasted two years.

11/04/2016 7:49am

11/10/2016 3:33am

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11/28/2016 1:59pm

How many wires to be soldered to a pad on the GPS antenna? I pulled the wire. When I opened the site saw pripayanyh 2 wires to the extreme contacts. The central contact is not soldered. It is right?

12/20/2016 6:51am

01/05/2017 2:23pm

I just found this articel a few minutes ago. However, I can feel that it's very good for our next consideration. Good Post!

01/27/2017 8:03am

Hello. I am missing option to beep when video is locked. I dont have any feedback while driving and when I want to lock something. Can you update it in next fw?thanks

02/02/2017 3:30pm

My Nanoq records on to the 16Gb SD card, which I formatted in the camera. However none of the files will play back. I tried playing them on the recommended dashcam viewer and also on VLC Media Player. Neither would work.

What's going on? This is the second NanoQ I've tried that has problems with playback. If I can't find a solution I will have to send it back and try a different brand.

02/09/2017 2:56pm

Nice blog thanks for sharing

02/16/2017 2:19am

I'm having problems with the GPS not locking and staying locked. I've followed the instructions to do a Factory Rest and it still didn't help and then I re-flashed the Bios with the 26/12/16 of which was already on the unit but the GPS still won't lock on to the Satellite. What can I do please?

02/16/2017 9:13am

Hi, mi camera, first does not recorded video but takes picture. The screen had a message to format the card. I did with the camera but nothing happens. I read to format FAT32, did it on my PC. Now has a screen message about some CLUSTER WRONG. tried to format again with camera without success. Still taking photos. What could be wrong? Thanks

03/01/2017 8:40pm

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03/03/2017 9:48am

We find the dashcam is constantly resetting the date to 01/01/2016 which also seems to break loop recording as the card gets full.

Any word on whether these bugs can be fixed?

03/06/2017 6:18am

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03/06/2017 1:52pm

Hello mini 0903 dash no gps show on camera.nanoq firmware aug.25.2016

muhammet altuntaş
03/09/2017 9:38pm

When I bought the camera, it was working properly and FW20160905V2,3 was installed. But after installing the firmware from nanodashcam.com the GPS icon does not appear on the camera's screen and the GPS does not work. The speed is 0 km / h. Where can I find the FW20160905v2,3? I think the problem is software. Thank you.

03/11/2017 12:44pm

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03/21/2017 10:31am

I would like to talk to someone about this dash cam I can't find a number at all

03/26/2017 10:52pm

what does this mean nanoq support : Forward collision warning system

04/01/2017 1:15pm

Thanks for the valuable feedback. I think that strategy is sound and can be easily replicable. Great posts. I love this article.

04/09/2017 12:32pm

Does anybody have the same experience of continuous beeping sound while recording. I believe the LDWS has something to do with it because after I disabled it, the beeping sound disappeared.

04/10/2017 10:47pm

Good quality packaging and presentation. Videos are more than adequate quality and play every time with VLC Media player when downloaded to PC.
Need to sort out these bugs with the firmware/software.
1. WiFi will not connect to S. G. Note 4.
2. System will not recognize SD card (64gb class 10) formatted as exFat/FAT32 on a PC. Requires formatting in camera. This is supposed to be FAT32 anyway.
3. Camera formatted SD card shows as containing errors when connected to PC. Currently I ignore this warning and all is OK. This is something that should not occur. Could be a fault with the camera's formatting process.
There may be other problems that I have not come across yet.
Any solutions and updates would be very much appreciated.
Generally a very good product that needs just a bit more refinement.

Doğan Pala
04/16/2017 3:57am

When I bought the camera, GPS worked fine and indicator was shown on screen for 2 days. Firmware was 20160905V2,3 installed in it. But it stopped working properly suddenly and GPS icon was not shown on screen. The speed is always 0 km / h. I installed latest firmware, made a factory reset and also pushed power and up button at same time but nothing changed. GPS icon not shown on screen and speed always 0 km/h


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04/25/2017 1:34am

I bought the NanoQ mini 0903 one month ago from GearBest.com. I have upgraded firmware 2016.12.26 and currently it has some issues below:
- Camera is getting frozen. I have to format card then it running again. Although loop recording set 3 Min
- The time zone settings are wrong.
- I can connect with camera via wifi for view live via app FinalCam but I cannot play back movie by my smart phone via app FinalCam.
- I cannot Download a movie to my phone .
Please give advice to fix those issues.

05/04/2017 3:17am

During engine ignition camera turn off and never go back on.
Here a video to show this issue.
It's totally annoying and it turn camera useless!

How can I fix it?


05/09/2017 11:15am

Does the vehicle charger contain a fuse, if so how is it accessed? Also, how does one get customer support. The charger has only worked one day.

05/29/2017 1:12pm

Hi, My NanoQ is broken. First, after 5 months use, GPS module stopped working and captured video was constantly flickering and had horizontal lines. Then now camera turns on, everything is white on the screen, and turns off in 5 seconds. I've bought it at Gearbest, still has a warranty, but returning would cost almost a new camera... How can I get in contact with the manufacturer?

05/29/2017 6:32pm

Dash cam shows that all buttons are unavailable on the screen, How do you make them available? Buttons are the up and down buttons....trying to get the camera to shut off and turn on using a OBD power cable

05/30/2017 6:34am

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05/31/2017 3:52pm

I bought a mini 0903 off amazon.
and later i bought its hardwirekit for parking guard.

Cam seems to work good, except some minor bug.

But it has a main issue with the parking guard function: it does not enter parking guard mode:

Hardwire kit is cabled correctly (black=ground, red=+12 permanent, yellow = +12 under key), and plugged into camera body, not gps mount.

The parking guard icon stays grayed out. motion mode works properly

I have tried fw 2016.8.25, 2016.11.17, 2016.12.26 and now im'on 2017.04.25. same issue in all fw versions.

What can i do?

07/08/2017 7:40am

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Thank you in advance.

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10/24/2017 2:19am

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My firmware is now FW 2016 11 04 v2.0

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