Dear users & friends,
Hope you had a nice time during Chinese New Year's Holiday.
Here we have a bad news for you, who paid attention on nanoQ (mini 0903 dash camera). We found the pre-production nanoQs (350pcs) have a problem - a unauthorized power IC from supplier was used on that batch products. Which will bring image problem at dark light condition.
We are calling back the cameras to our factory to correct this major mistake. Just hope you can help to return the nanoQ on your hand to your reseller or our factory. we will release new production to you in days.
Sorry to trouble you, for our mistake.
Thanks for your attention.

Best regards.
1, added Parking Guard function (work with Parking Guard hardwire kit) and LDWS
2, fixed GPS problem

download here: 20160123.7z

fixed a WiFi bug which may cause camera crash.

download at:
This firmware come with the Beta test samples.
the first release but 6th internal version