This firmware come with the Beta test samples.
the first release but 6th internal version


09/01/2016 7:05am

Thanks for sharing this firmware update with us. There is also a links given which we could use for checking the firmware. It is also good that the firmware have six internal version so we could chose the best on for us.

09/04/2016 10:12pm

This is good news it notified me and gave me information to make my life easier and more convenient. I am happy that I have read this and I will surely share this to my friends and family and they will also be happy as well, a good reminder for all of us, the new Nanoq Firmware will surely help us in our everyday living.

01/07/2017 5:13am

Keep up the great work, its hard to find good ones. I have added to my favorites. Thank You.

03/05/2017 3:33pm

hello sir, after I read the article you get to the bottom, It is very interesting to see, its content can provide benefits, and also the lessons, I really love it.

04/05/2017 4:35pm

Great I found your web.. it's a nice place to learn...

04/27/2017 7:27pm

We need more info about this issue, hope you give some additional updates. Thanks!

05/28/2017 4:35pm

Nothing to say but great web! I can get so many things from here. Thank you.

07/01/2017 6:30am

A debt of gratitude is in order for the blog entry amigo! Keep them coming...

07/02/2017 10:59pm

great information

08/25/2017 8:17am

Thank you sharing with us this update. It gives your readers such a great information. It helps those who are using it to be able to check if the firmware fits their system. And since the firmware has 6 internal versions, I believe people will be able to choose from which among the three is right to partner with their system. Thank you for sharing us this update!


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