update log:
1, added 20M video bit rate to this firmware; that is shown in resolution as "1920x1080 30P 16:9 BOOST"; in this model you can't use WiFi as WiFi will consure some system resource which will effect stability.
2, please be noticed you need a high quality branded storage card for the BOOST mode recording, and the card life time will be shorten under the flood data stream.
3, don't use the BOOST mode if you set the camera in Parking Guard mode with a Parking Guard hardwire kit.
4, revise the codes for temperature display.
5, revise for recordng stability.

If you find some bugs on the 20M BOOST recording, please report your problem with card model to service@megcn.com, we will try to recur here. Thanks.

http://www.nanodashcam.com/firmware/aug.25/FIRMWARE 20160825.7z