1, add HDR switch in menu;
2, fixed LED indicator for GPS status;
3, fixed motion detection icon problem when operating with FinalCam;
4, fixed take photo function when operating with FinalCam;
5, change power off delay to 1 second, to avoid power off problem if bad power connection

1, active buzzer alert for LDWS
2, add speed limit >30km/h for LDWS

download here:
dear users,
sorry for keep you waiting.
we have prepared the new cameras for you, will be released in this week.
at the same time, the Parking Guard Hardwire kit was released.
for the users who helped us on the call back issue, we will send a parking guard hardwire kit at the same time as a present.
Thanks for your patience.
If you have any more questions or suggestion, please let we know.
best regards,